SurfaShield Cx

Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Nanotechnology for the Protection of Porous Surfaces

SurfaShield Cx decomposes organic stains and pollutants, prevents microbial growth, purifies the air, removes odours. By harnessing the surrounding light, treated surfaces become Self Cleaning and Self Sterilizing. SurfaShield Cx coated surfaces efficiently decompose organic stains, bacteria, mould, gaseous pollutants, even odours. Therefore,
surfaces are safer, without the use of hazardous disinfectants or chemicals, and are preserved as new.


SurfaShield Cx is a liquid formulation, that provides effective self cleaning and self sterilizing properties for industrial use on a wide range of porous building surfaces. SurfaShield Cx acts by absorbing surrounding light and transforming it in chemical power. Bacteria, viruses, mould, gaseous pollutants, odours, stains; they all decompose and
break down to harmless inorganic compounds. Thus the application surfaces remain actively clean. It also acts as an air purifier as it decomposes harmful organic substances. As a result nanotechnology assures permanently cleaning and a safer environment just by absorbing light.



Walls, cement, porous stones, plaster/render, unpolished marble, pedestrian walk-ways.


Shake or stir the container vigorously before use. The application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaShield Cx by spray gun (airless, HVLP) after manufacturing or
after installation. No dilution is required. Two applications are necessary in order to achieve the desired functionality of the coating. Re-apply after half an hour, time
strongly dependant on weather conditions.

Consumption: Estimated consumption rate 8 m²/L,

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