SurfaPore RD

Damp proofing coating against Rising Damp

SurfaPore RD is a water-based impregnating colloidal solution, especially designed for the protection of the building surfaces from rising damp. Strong chemical compatibility with building materials and ease of application are assured due to its inorganic formulation. After application and impregnation of SurfaPore RD in the substrate, a waterproofing, permanent and dense 3D-network is chemically formed that prevents the water uptake by capillary action. Natural appearance, water-vapour permeability and porosity of the treated surfaces remain unaffected.


SurfaPore RD is specially designed to protect masonry from rising humidity. Its inorganic character ensures chemical compatibility and ease of application with building materials. It penetrates up to 1cm into the substrate and forms a waterproof, stable and permanent three-dimensional network which prevents the capillary absorption of water and creates a vapor barrier. The natural appearance, porosity and perspiration of the modified surfaces remain unaffected.


Ideal for interior or/and exterior, absorbent, untreated building surfaces made of inorganic materials such as concrete, plaster or render, stucco, cement, porous stones, bricks and clay.


Application: Shake well the container before use. Apply by using brush, roller or airless spray gun. On very absorptive or worn surfaces re-apply after 15 minutes. Excess quantity should be removed. After drying, if necessary, the treated surface should be dusted by using a dry brush. All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with warm water and soap.

Coverage: 6 -8 m2/L depending on the absorbance of the substrate and application method.

 Lab test for rising damp

 surfapore RD EN p1

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