SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof

Thermal Protective, Stain Resistant Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint for Horizontal or Inclining Exterior Surfaces

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint is a high-quality thermoprotectable acrylic elastomeric sealant ideal for application to external horizontal and inclined surfaces.


SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint is a high quality elastomeric paint that maintains its elasticity over a wide range of temperature changes. Coating of the elastomeric paint has the property of preventing heat transfer due to low thermal conductivity, reflects infrared radiation, re-emits heat and prevents moisture penetration, resulting in significant energy savings during winter and summer. It has a long life, as it has excellent UV resistance and adverse weather conditions. Provides an impermeable sealing coating, even in puddles or snow, while being watertight allowing the surfaces to breathe. The product is environmentally friendly, helping to reduce the effect of thermal islands. SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint is a cool colour, certified by the European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC).




External sloping or horizontal surfaces, terraces and roofs, balconies, concrete, cement plates, mosaic and cement mortar, asphaltic membranes (with chip, no aluminum coating)


Applicability: SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint can be applied to external horizontal (eg terraces, roofs, balconies) and sloping surfaces. Striking conditions during or immediately after application may affect the properties of the material. New substrates of cement or new masonry should have matured for more than 2 weeks prior to application.

Preparation: Ensure that all surfaces are clean and dry before application. Remove dust, dirt and loose debris.

Application note: Stir well before application. Seal cracks and joints either with stucco or with a polyester cloth (gauze) impregnated with ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof Paint. The surface is primed using the material itself diluted with 1: 1 v / v water. The application temperature should be between 5 ° C - 35 ° C. Surface moisture should not exceed 6% and the atmosphere should be 80%. Apply 2 coats without thinning using a good quality brush, roller or spray. Ensure that the corners and edges are adequately covered. Additional layers should be applied 24 hours after the previous layer. Maximum sealing capacity is achieved 7 days after application.

Spreading rate: 2±1 m²/L (Primer and two coats).

Drying time: Usually 4 hours depending on the thickness of the layer. Low temperatures and high humidity prolong drying time.

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