SurfaPaint Aqua X

Water repelling breathable acrylic paint for interior and exterior application

SurfaPaint Aqua X is a water based acrylic cool paint that provides effective water repellency ideal for surfaces with high humidity. 


SurfaPaint Aqua X is a water repelling paint that protects the masonry surface while it allows it to breath. It prevents the external humidity and rainwater from penetrating into the building substrate, reducing cracking and swelling. SurfaPaint Aqua X is ideal for applications on buildings in urban areas or seaside, where increased levels of humidity exist. As it repels water and reduces water absorption, it prevents premature paint failure and mould growth. Subsequently, the substrate is efficiently protected and therefore not affected by external, weathering factors. SurfaPaint Aqua X is functional for a long period of time, extending the lifespan of the paint coated surface. The paint is white and can be tinted with pal colours. SurfaPaint Aqua X is a Cool Coating, certified by the European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC).


Interior and Exterior surfaces, Masonry


Applicability: SurfaPaint Aqua X can be applied directly on exterior or interior wall surfaces (masonry, concrete, plaster, drywalls), and wherever water based, acrylic paints are applied. New substrates from cement or masonry should have cured for more than 3-4 weeks before primer application. For better results apply SurfaMix P as a primer. Adverse conditions during or immediately after application may affect the coating's properties. Preparation: Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry prior to application. Remove any dust and dirt.

Application note: Stir well before application. Do not dilute for bridging gaps and hairline cracks of up to 0,5 mm. For cracks bigger that 1mm, fill the gap with a suitable putty. If thinning is required add up to 10% water by volume. Application temperature should be between 8 - 35oC. Apply 2-3 even coats using a good quality brush, roller or by spraying with a tip of a diameter 1,4mm or more. Do not overbrush. Ensure corners and edges are adequately covered. Additional coats should be applied 4-6 hours after the previous application.

Spreading Rate: 10-12 m²/L.

Drying Time: Typically 1 hour depending upon coat thickness. Low temperatures and high humidity will lengthen drying time

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