SurfaMix Universal Primer

One component, solvent based primer



SurfaMix Universal Primer is based on a specially designed, low viscosity and fast maturing resin, which can be bonded to very demanding surfaces, such as galvanized iron, aluminum, glass and ceramic tiles and marbles. It creates a good (knit) coating for the sequential application of water-based coatings, such as SurfaPaint and SurfaPaint ThermoDry. SurfaMix Universal Primer easily spreads and requires a minimum curing time. It is extremely weather-resistant and UV-resistant.


Use universal primer for any building surface and especially galvanised and low porosity surfaces. Ideal as a priming solution, before the application of waterborne coatings.Can be
used as a masonry sealer.


Applicability:  Use a gun spray gun, a roller or a brush. Apply 1-2 coats consuming 50-150mL per square meter, depending on substrate absorbency. Apply carefully to PVC, polyester or plastic surfaces and only after testing on a small area of ​​the surface due to the solubility of the plastic in solvents. Repeat: 1 hour. Application temperature: 5-35oC. It is recommended that the modified surface is not exposed to extreme weather for 1-2 days after application. Applying an additional coating with water colors is recommended 24 hours after applying SurfaPaint Univeral Primer. Use NanoPhos NPTB solvents to clean the tools..

Preparation: The application surface must be dry and clean. Any residual oil must be removed from the application surface. Use DeSalin DG to ensure effective surface cleaning. Many failures are attributed to poor surface preparation.

Spreading rate: 50-150mL/m2

Drying time:  Touchdry time: 30 minutes

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