4.5 kg/m2 ανά 10 mm πάχους στρώσης

FeatherPlast Cementitious PT400

Lightweight Thermal Insulating Rendering and Plastering Mortar



FeatherPlast PT400 is a wall insulating product. It is an easy-to-apply thermal insulating cementitious dry-mix mortar to be used as an external insulating render or in the internal as an insulating plaster. FeatherPlast PT400 uses particles which are composed of many tiny closed air cells that provide a cellular structure resulting in its excellent insulation properties. FeatherPlast PT400 helps reducing overall material and labour costs, while improving thermal efficiency and lowering heating/cooling costs.


Αpplication on interior or exterior surfaces such as wall, brick, stone, aerated cement blocks, cement boards, gypsum boards.


Applicability: The application surface must be free of dust, surface contaminants and loose or friable materials. Substrates should be thoroughly dampened, before the application of FeatherPlast PT400. Avoid application on non-porous substrates (e.g. granite) without using a mesh net, so as to ensure proper adhesion. To ensure adhesion on smooth surfaces (e.g. painted walls) score the wall at 10cm intervals before application. FeatherPlast PT400 can be mixed using a drum or plasterer’s paddle mixer in a tub (use only a quarter of the amount speed for gentle mixing) or by hand using a trowel. Initiate mixing by pouring a quarter of the amount of clean water into a flat-bed mixing container. Empty the FULL bag content slowly (do not use part bag mixes) into the same mixing container. Add a half of the amount of water to the mixture and proceed with thorough mixing. Continue adding the remaining water while mixing until the desired consistency and workability is achieved.

Preparation: The plaster is applied by hand or by using a plastering pump machine for lightweight premixed products. It is straightened by using a float or trowel and the plaster is then smoothed by hand, using a spongy float, after it has sufficiently set. Apply successive layers after underlying substrate is left to dry for 24 hours. Wet substrate before application of each layer. Use appropriate plaster mesh when layers thickness is greater than 4cm. Working time depends on substrate absorptivity, ambient temperature and water content of the mixture. If the mixture has been left standing for a while and has become slightly stiff then mix again by hand or mechanically and if needed add a small amount of water while mixing to soften

Spreading Rate: 4.5 kg/m2 per 10 mm of thickness.

Drying Time: Three (3) days in normal conditions and good ventilated areas (depends on the weather and the thickness application). Protect during setting time from harsh
weather conditions such as frost, rain, direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.


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