Nanotechnology refers to the scientific field which deals in the research and creation of matter particles, which are very small in size - usually 100 nanometers or smaller-. For example, one nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter (10-9 m). it is so small that if earth was one meter in diameter, then one nanometer would have been the size of an apple. When a common material shrinks at nanoscale level, it exhibits genuine and unique properties compared to smaller molecules or larger conventional bulk materials.

SurfaPore formulations compared to conventional formulations do not create a "plastic film" on the applied surface. They create a water repelling protection by deeply penetrating into the pores of the substrates, instead of sealing them. Therefore, the substrate is deeply protected and therefore not affected by abrasion or mechanical wear. SurfaPore modified surfaces last longer comparing to conventional film coatings and are more resistant to the "hard" part of solar light (UV radiation) which does not induce the "yellowing" effect.

SurfaPore products provide water repellency and protection of a wide range of building surfaces. As the viscosity is similar to that of water, it deeply penetrates into capilaries that no elastomer or polymer can reach. The nanotechnology based composition assures effectiveness, prolonged lifetime and no change of the original natural appearance. Whilst SurfaPore creates a water barrier on the material itself, one of the most important advantages of SurfaPore is the "breathability" of the modified surface. In case moisture is trapped or a water leakage takes place behind a SurfaPore modified surface, water can evaporate through the open pores to the environment relieving negative capillary pressure. In this manner swelling and cracking of material are prevented. 

SurfaPore products are water based and not classified as hazardous pursuant to the provisions set forth in EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) (and subsequent amendments and supplements). Since the SurfaPore components are not classified as hazardous, the particle size does not make the product harmful to humans and the environment. 


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