SurfaPore water repellents for building surfaces such as cement, tile, clay, marble, wood and fibrous substrates

SurfaPore AG

Protection of vertical surfaces from spray paint graffiti, permanent marker and stains

Product details

SurfaPore F

Water repellent for porous or fibrous surfaces such as carton, plasterboard, drywall and absorptive wooden surfaces

Product details

SurfaPore FX

Repairing and fixing solution for loose or damaged building surfaces

Product details

SurfaPore T

Stain protection and waterproofing for marble, granite and porcelain tiles

Product details

SurfaPore M

Protects porous surfaces, marbles and granites from oil, water and stains

Product details

SurfaPore ThermoDry

Thermal protection and & waterproofing of interior and exterior paints. Protection against mould growth.

Product details

SurfaPore W

Water and oil repellent for absorptive wooden surfaces.

Product details

SurfaPore C

Water protection of porous surfaces such as cement, stones, walls and grout

Product details

SurfaPore R

Water repellent for porous clay based surfaces

Product details
DeSalin for cleaning & restoration

DeSalin C

Residue & efflorescence deposits cleaner

Product details

DeSalin Gel Rust Remover

Heavy duty, gel rust remover

Product details

DeSalin AM

Water-based masonry preservative and mould remediation

Product details

DeSalin K

Residue remover & cleaner

Product details

DeSalin T

Absorbed stain cleaner for sensitive surfaces

Product details

DeSalin DG

Heavy Duty, water based, biodegradable De-greaser

Product details
SurfaShield for self-cleaning and anti-bacterial surfaces

SurfaShield G

Self cleaning and anti fogging coating of photocatalytic technology for glass surfaces

Product details

SurfaShield Cx

Industrial product for self cleaning and continuous protection of porous building surfaces such as cement, stones, walls and grout

Product details

SurfaShield C

Self-cleaning and continuous protection of porous building surfaces such as cement, stones, walls and grout

Product details
SurfaPaint for thermal protective and waterproofing paints

SurfaPaint Aqua X

Water repelling, breathable acrylic paint for interior and exterior application

Product details

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof

Thermal protective, elastomeric waterproofing paint

Product details

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Exterior

Thermal Protective paint for exterior masonry and walls

Product details

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Interior

Thermal Protective Paint for Interior Walls & Ceilings

Product details

SurfaPaint ThermoDry Metals

Thermal Protective paint for ferrous metallic surfaces

Product details

SurfaPaint Wood Stain

Water-based Impregnation Stain Varnish

Product details

SurfaPaint Wood Varnish UV Blocker

Transparent, Glossy Wood Varnish for Stain and UV protection

Product details

SurfaPaint Floor Paint

High quality water based floor paint for domestic interior and exterior concrete surfaces

Product details

SurfaPaint Kirei

Self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, deodorizing, photocatalytic cool paint

Product details

SurfaPaint Stone Varnish WB

Premium quality stone & concrete varnish for stain protection

Product details
SurfaMix for concrete admixtures

SurfaMix C

Elasticity and workability improvement of cement and plaster

Product details

SurfaMix P

Premium quality nanostructured primer for exterior or interior emulsion paints.

Product details

SurfaMix Universal Primer

One Component, Solvent based binding Universal Primer and surface stabilizer

Product details
SurfaGuard Metals for protection against corrosion

SurfaGuard Metals

Corrosion inhibitor/shop primer

Product details
FeatherPlastthermal insulating / thermal protective, lightweight plaster

FeatherPlast Acrylic PA250F

Lightweight Thermal Protective Acrylic Plaster

Product details

FeatherPlast Acrylic PA1200D

Lightweight Thermal Protective Acrylic Plaster

Product details

FeatherPlast Cementitious PT400

Lightweight Thermal Insulating Rendering and Plastering Mortar

Product details
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